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This section introduces you to some specialist service providers ranging from B2B Platforms, Data Analysis Teams, Trade Agents and much more. The information so gathered from these field experts can definitely help you in your enterprise. 

Disclaimer: IIEM is not associated with any of the business enterprises listed below and does not take any fees from any parties for services rendered. Students and Entrepreneurs are advised to thoroughly study the business associate before engaging in any trade or financial deals. IIEM only seeks to inform our students of various opportunities and services available to boost your business ideas.

Alibaba.com - India Pavilion

Alibaba.com is one of the worlds largest Business to Business Platforms for selling or buying products in Bulk. Exporters and Importers may be able to find good buyers and sellers for their products for their products.

Bhawani Enclaves - Foreign Trade Reports

 Bhawani Enclaves Pvt Ltd, a unit of Lakhotia Group, provides Foreign Business Intelligence Reports being used by different clients from different sectors globally focused on Foreign Trade. Bhawani Encalves has now entered Online sector so as to serve the clients in real time.

Federal Bank - Exporters Gold Card

EXPORTER'S GOLD Cards are issued to credit worthy exporters, with good track record, ensuring easy availability of export credit on better terms.

  •  Simplified and faster processing of credit requirements.
  •  Low charges & fee structure. 
  •  Card holders are given preference over others for providing PCFC and foreign currency credit cards.ructure. 

Sree Lakshmi Associates

Sree Lakshmi Associates offers the following services which are very beneficial to all Exporters & Importers

  • Business Startup Advisory
  • MSME Guidance
  • Export Import Consultancy
  • Assistance on availing Export 
  • Incentive Schemes

For more details, please write to : sivaraman.sla@gmail.com

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